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Advice on Dutch Employment Law? Our Amsterdam lawyers are committed to providing employers and employees top-quality legal advice and representation on Dutch Employment Law. Employment law issues in The Netherlands can be a real challenge for businesses and expats. Our lawyers advise and represent individuals and businesses on Dutch Labour Law issues and disputes.

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Counsel and advocacy

We focus on cost-effective and efficient legal representation. When problems arise between management and employees, you want those issues resolved quickly and satisfactorily. If potential problems do arise, our Dutch law firm can offer day-to-day advice on how best to address them. Employers and employees need counsel and advocacy they can rely on. Our Amsterdam legal team is committed to providing you top-quality legal advice and representation.

Our Amsterdam Law Firm offers practical counseling designed to prevent potentially disruptive labor and employment disputes, advising management in all aspects of labour relations and employment law.

Employment Law in The Netherlands

Dutch Labour law changes rapidly. Courts and government agencies issue new opinions interpreting these laws. Every case is different and calls for its own unique strategy and approach. A Dutch lawyer can defend you in The Netherlands and minimize the impact any suit will have, and develop policies and procedures that help you avoid future employment law challenges.

Direct, personal service from experienced Dutch partner attorneys

Our proactive advice and expert advocacy helps to address and resolve labour and employee relations matters, as well as legal disputes, in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our clients have direct access to our partners, who have more than 25 years of combined legal experience.

Representing employers and employees

Our Dutch attorneys (lawyers) are versed in a wide range of labour issues representing employers, employees, executives, officers and directors.

Advice on employment decisions

We help employers to prevent and resolve disputes by offering a broad spectrum of services, including:

Sometimes litigation is unavoidable. When the need for litigation concerning an employment issue arises, our Amsteram lawers have the experience and skills to resolve the matter on the best possible terms, whether using traditional litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods.

Termination of employment by the Dutch cantonal court or UWV

An employer may terminate the employment of an employee in The Netherlands but there is a need to comply with the provisions of the law and contract relating to termination. An employer can not dismiss an employee without permission from a public authority (preventive dismissal assessment): the cantonal court (sub-district court; due to the worker’s conduct or capacity) or UWV (Employment Insurance Agency; in case of economic dismissals or dismissals due to long-time sicknesses). Whether an employer may obtain permission from the Dutch UWV to give notice or may request the Cantonal Judge to rescind the employment agreement, will depend on the reason(s) for dismissal.

Summary dismissal for an urgent cause

Employment contracts may also be terminated by instant dismissal for ‘an urgent cause’ (serious misconduct). For a summary dismissal, important reasons are required. A non-exhaustive list of acts which amount to urgent cause is provided in sec. 7:678 Dutch CC. Termination can take place immediately without compensation in cases such as fraud or other crimes involving a breach of trust.

Termination of employment by mutual consent (settlement agreement or termination agreement)

A settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement between employer and employee. The termination of employment relationships by a termination agreement is required to be in written form to be valid. Settlement agreements are offered in The Netherlands to employees when they are being made redundant and in case of involuntarily unemployment. The settlement agreement outlines the terms of the deal. Our Amsterdam Employment Solicitor (attorney) can assist you with a termination agreement to terminate an employment agreement by mutual consent.

Dutch employment Law

Dutch Employment Law: contact our established Amsterdam Employment Lawyer

Dutch Employment Law Advice for employers and employees. If you are an employer or employee, contact our Amsterdam law firm for more information on how we can help you in The Netherlands.


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