Lawyer for highly skilled migrant (Kennismigrant)

Planning to work in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant? Contact our immigration lawyer about the conditions if you’re planning to work here is a highly skilled migrant, kennismigrant. She can advise and walk you along the procedure.

Interested in hiring highly skilled migrants and you want to know how to apply for them? Consult our immigration lawyer. The benefit of having personell residing as a highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands is that its a much faster and easier way for allowing skilled labour. As an employer you don’t have to arrange a work permit for your employees.[Lees meer]

Visa lawyer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Have you been denied a visa? Objection or appeal against visa refusal in the Netherlands. Applicants who want to visit their family, friends or want to come to the Netherlands for other reasons should be aware of the complicity of obtaining a visa. Denials will occur. Therefore it’s highly recommended to ask our visa lawyer to guide you through the difficult legal journey. Consult our visa lawyer before you consider applying for a visa on either a permanent or temporary basis.
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Leges gezinshereniging goedkoper

leges voor aanvragen in het kader van de status van langdurig ingezeten derdelanders/verblijfsvergunning voor onbepaalde tijd: €150; leges voor aanvragen in het kader van gezinshereniging: € 225; leges voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek en studie: € 300; leges voor aanvragen in het kader van overige verblijfsdoelen: deze blijven ongewijzigd. Bovengenoemde bedragen zijn[Lees meer]

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