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Visa lawyer in Amsterdam

Visa lawyer in Amsterdam Have you been denied a visa? Objection or appeal against visa refusal Netherlands

Have you been denied a visa? Objection or appeal against visa refusal in the Netherlands

Visa Lawyer

Applicants who want to visit their family, friends or want to come to the Netherlands for other reasons should be aware of the complicity of obtaining a visa. Denials will occur. Therefore it’s highly recommended to ask our visa lawyer to guide you through the difficult legal journey. Consult our visa lawyer before you consider applying for a visa on either a permanent or temporary basis.

Visa Denial

A visa can be denied for many reasons. The reason for the refusal can range from wrong documents, filling in the forms incorrect, or could be rejected based on a lack of ascertain that the applicant will leave the Netherlands before visa expires. Visa applications must meet certain conditions and strict requirements. The idea behind this is to prevent illegal immigration and promote legal immigration. Visa applications are checked against a number of criteria.

Visa Rejection

Some visa got refused by a lack of economic and social ties. In addition, the visa applicant has been tested for sufficient funds to pay for his stay here in the Netherlands during the visa term. The Immigration and Naturalization Service conditions of use a standard amount of € 34, – per day. Dependence on the socially and economically binding is translated into a risk of establishment. How this can be prevented can be read in the articles written by our visa lawyer Amsterdam.

Lawyer Visa

Applying for a visa will take some time. Several forms must be completed and submitted with the accompanying documents and supporting documents. It is wise to request a border document in time, at least three months in advance and a maximum of 15 days in advance. Filling out the required forms is not always easy. That is why you can also ask our visa lawyer to be directly involved.

SingleEntryVisum short stay, also called Cvisum

You must apply for the short-stay border document at the Dutch embassy or the Dutch consulate of the country where you have your principal residence at the time. Make sure you request the correct border document. If you want to stay in the Schengen area for a short period of time, you apply for a short-stay visa. Within this period you can travel freely between the Schengen countries. After the expired visa period you can only stay in the Schengen zone for another 90 days after three months.


If you want to visit different countries in the Schengen zone within these 180 days a year you should apply for a multiple entry.


If you travel as a family member of an EU citizen to another EU country, the visa must be granted as soon as possible. The border document must then be provided free of charge. However, the following must be demonstrated;

  • That the applicant is the family of the EU citizen
  • That the applicant either resides or moves to a Member State other than the Member State of which he or she is a national.

The visa applicant will join the EU citizen. If the visa applicant has met all three above-mentioned points, he or she should not be denied access to the Schengen country. If you have been refused, please contact our visa lawyer. She can make an objection to the refusal of your visa.


A Dvisum concerns the provisional stay in the Netherlands. In fact, it is a national border document long stay. Also called entrance visa. You need this border document to complete the application for a residence permit in the Netherlands.

Have you been denied a visa? Objection or appeal against visa refusal in the Netherlands lawyer immigration AmsterdamVisa and immigration lawyer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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