Employment Law and Labour Law in The Netherlands


Dutch Employment Law and Labour Law  Labour & Employment laws are crucial to both employees, Managing Directors and employers. Our Dutch Labour Law and Employment Law attorneys in Amsterdam, The Netherlands have experience with the complexities of Dutch Law. Advising and litigating in Amsterdam Call our employment lawyers: 0031 20 – 522 1999  [Lees meer]



Mediation in Amsterdam Our mediator in Amsterdam will mediate the conflict as a neutral and unbiased third party If the parties are unable to come to an agreement on their own. You are, in addition, taking charge of the conflict on your own authority and one’s dirty laundry is not[Lees meer]

Rental Lease Law


Amsterdam lawyer Dutch Rental Lease Law The law includes general regulations that are applicable to all lease agreements, unless the parties have chosen to deviate from these, by way of agreement. In addition, the law includes stipulations with regard to the lease of residential premises and business premises, and protection[Lees meer]

Personal Injury and Liability Law


Our lawyer Dutch liability law and personal injury in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, provides advice with regard to determining liability and personal injury law. Liability law determines when compensation must be made for injury or damage. Damage may have been caused to property. Or it might involve some form of physical or mental injury.

The types of personal injury claims our Amsterdam lawyer Personal Injury and Liability Law can assist with traffic accidents[Lees meer]

Contract Law and Laws of Obligation


Amsterdam Lawyer Contract Law and Laws of Obligation Contracts are stowed away in a drawer and are often only read through thoroughly once there is talk of a conflict. It only becomes evident at that point, whether or not a contract will benefit you. If things go wrong with your[Lees meer]

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