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Our Amsterdam lawyers are specialised in rental lease law. We provide legal assistance in lease issues. Rental lease law involves the rights and obligations of the lessor and lessee. Dutch rental lease law encompasses extensive regulations. The Dutch law includes general regulations that are applicable to all lease agreements, unless the parties have chosen to deviate from these, by way of agreement. In addition, the law includes stipulations with regard to the lease of residential premises and business premises, and protection of the lessee concerning the residential premises cannot be deviated from. These legally enforceable stipulations apply, with regard to residential premises, to shortcomings (such as, for example, overdue maintenance), the manner in which the agreement is terminated, the lease amount, etc.

Lease of business premises in The Netherlands

With the lease of business premises, it is important that a distinction is made between the so-called ‘290 business premises’ (retail trade in specific) and ‘other business premises’ (such as office space). The mandatory law concerning 290-business premises makes provisions for the manner in which the agreement is terminated and the protection of terms, the possibility for interim lease adjustments and substitution. For other business premises, eviction protection is applicable, in particular, after notice is given for termination / eviction.

Lease activities; Dutch Law

When you are involved in lease activities, it is a good idea to be up to date with these regulations. This is not only true when entering into a lease agreement, to ensure that your rights as a lessee or lessor are recognised in the best manner possible, but also during the term of the lease agreement and with termination thereof.

Procedural aspects and standing of jurisdiction

Your lawyer specialised in rental lease law is, in addition to the regulations, also up to date with regard to the procedural aspects of rental lease law and the latest standing of jurisdiction, so that you may be advised properly. As a lessee or lessor, we will advise you on, amongst other things, the following aspects:

  • Arrangements with regard to defects / shortcomings; who is responsible for what maintenance?
  • Deferment or reduction of lease amount in the event of defects / shortcomings
  • Demolition and renovation, pressing personal use
  • Changes in lease amounts / service fees
  • Arrears of rent
  • Nuisance
  • Subletting / co-letting
  • Short-term lease contracts / Law pertaining to unoccupied dwellings

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