Personal Injury and Liability Law


Amsterdam Lawyer Personal Injury and Liability Law

Amsterdam Lawyer Personal Injury and Liability Law

Our lawyer Dutch liability law and personal injury in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, provides advice with regard to determining liability and personal injury law. Liability law determines when compensation must be made for injury or damage. Damage may have been caused to property. Or it might involve some form of physical or mental injury.

personal injury lawyer and handles mainly cases in the field of traffic liability and medical liability.Attorney Bobbi-Joe du Bois has been an attorney since 2013 and completed the Grotius Personal Injury postgraduate course in 2019. Bobbi-Joe has more than 10 years of experience as a personal injury lawyer and handles mainly cases in the field of traffic liability and medical liability.


The types of personal injury claims our Amsterdam lawyer Personal Injury and Liability Law can assist include:

  •  Traffic accidents
  •  Medical liability

Losses and expenses can often be recoveredfrom the liable party. These include things such as:

  •  Loss of income
  •  Rehabilitation costs
  •  Domestic assistance
  •  Travel expenses
  •  Medical expenses (including the cost of medicines)
  •  (Medical) equipment and aids
  •  Damage to property (including clothing)
  •  Compensation for mental distress

Cost of legal assistance according to Dutch Law in The Netherlands

In many cases the party at fault (or its insurer) is also required to cover the reasonable costs of legal assistance (by lawyers and experts). If the insurance company only accepts partial liability, if, for example, you yourself are also partly responsible for the accident, these costs will be partly reimbursed.

Depending on the level of your income and assets we may be able to apply to the Legal Aid Board for a contribution towards the cost of legal assistance, in which case you will have to make advance payments until liability is admitted. These will include things such as the cost of obtaining any medical information that may be required, fees charged by the medical advisor and/or medical specialists, court registry fees and bailiffs fees. If you are not entitled to a contribution towards the cost of legal assistance, services will be provided at an hourly rate. Our lawyers is not permitted to offer services on a No Win No Fee basis.

Lawyer and medical advisor

Since most lawyers are not medical experts when dealing with personal injury cases it is often necessary to call in a medical advisor, who will also advise on the specialist medical knowledge required. The medical advisor we appoint to assist the victims we represent only acts on behalf of the victims and does not work for insurers.

Partial dispute proceedings

Personal injury cases are often settled without having to go to court. However, in the unlikely event that your case reaches an impasse, you have the option of initiating – often expensive – court proceedings on the merits of the case or mediation proceedings. In certain cases it is possible to initiating partial dispute proceedings. If liability is acknowledged, the liable party will be ordered to pay the costs of partial dispute proceedings, which will resolve an aspect of the dispute in a reasonably short space of time so the remainder of the dispute can then be settled out of court.

Employers/independent professionals

The victim’s employer can recover the employee’s net salary from the liable party. If an independent professional is confronted with injury, there may be a dispute regarding occupational disability insurance.

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Amsterdam Lawyer Personal Injury and Liability LawOur lawyer Personal Injury and Liability Law in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, can of course assist you with this.

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