Mediation Amsterdam


mediation Amsterdam

Mediation Amsterdam

Our mediator in Amsterdam will mediate the conflict as a neutral and unbiased third party If the parties are unable to come to an agreement on their own, You are, in addition, taking charge of the conflict on your own authority and one’s dirty laundry is not washed in public, since confidentiality is compulsory in the case of mediation.

Labour Law

Any experienced lawyer will already have knowledge of the labour and family law. This ensures that solutions to conflicts may be sought efficiently. External professionals need not be involved in the preparation for a settlement agreement [vaststellingsovereenkomst].


Conflicts can also be solved effectively by means of Online Mediation.

Court Case

In the unlikely event that mediation does not lead to a solution, there is still the option of legal proceedings. In that case, it still applies that anything disclosed during mediation and discussed in confidentiality, may not be made public in the court case.

Rates Mediation

The rates for mediation amount to € 150.00 per hour (exclusive of VAT) for private individuals and € 200.00 per hour (exclusive of VAT) for companies. One might be entitled to subsidised mediation [gesubsidieerde mediation.] if certain income or asset limitations apply. With labour conflicts it is usual for the employer, the Occupational Health and Safety executive, or the insurer to cover the costs of mediation.


Mr. Jacobs has an incredible 25 years of experience as a lawyer. He provides face-to-face mediation with regard to legal aspects in which he is active as a lawyer. He is  a member of the Dutch Association for Mediator Lawyers [Nederlandse Vereniging van Mediation Advocaten].

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