Lawyer for highly skilled migrant (Kennismigrant)


Lawyer for highly skilled migrant (Kennismigrant)Lawyer highly skilled migrant (advocaat kennismigrant)

Planning to work in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant? Contact our immigration lawyer about the conditions if you’re planning to work here is a highly skilled migrant, kennismigrant. She can advise and walk you along the procedure.

Interested in hiring highly skilled migrants and you want to know how to apply for them? Consult our immigration lawyer. The benefit of having personell residing as a highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands is that its a much faster and easier way for allowing skilled labour. As an employer you don’t have to arrange a work permit for your employees.

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The main requirement is that the company is recognised by the IND as trustworthy. It is the Dutch Immigration Service who’s examines fi the company is suitable for being a recognised company. Becoming a recognised sponsor costs 5.276. For smaller companies with less than 50 employees the application will cost € 2.638.

Highly Skilled migrant – Kennismigrant

If you originate from a country outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland and you want to work in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant other conditions will apply then in regular procedures. If the employer is willing to hire you in the Netherlands, he must be a recognized sponsor. That way the application for the migrant can be submitted. Employers who are recognised are listed in the Public Register of Recognised Sponsors.

The income of the highly skilled migrant has to meet a certain salary standard. The amounts have recently been upgraded with 1,85%. There are three groups which have their own standard and have their own income requirements.

  • –  Highly skilled migrants younger than 30:€ 3.229,-
  • –  Highly skilled migrants starting from 30: € 4.404,-
  • –  Graduates who found a job within one year: € 2.314,-
  • –  Blue Cardholders:Scientific researchers:  € 5.160,-

If you fulfill a job in the educational area or your going to fulfill a job in a research environment the income requirements do not count. Only your income needs to be at least equal to the Dutch standard amount for singles, partners / unmarried / married couples living together. For this group there is no wage criterion. But also for researchers count that the institution for who you will be conducting research needs to be recognised by the IND. They are listed as said before in the Public Register of Recognised Sponsors.

Doctors becoming specialists

Just as scientific researchers don’t have to meet income requirements also doctors who are in training for becoming a specialist don’t have to meet income requirements. But the institution providing the training needs to be assigned by the Medical Specialists Registration Committee (MSRC), Social Medicine Physicians Registration Committee (SGRC) or General practitioner and Nursing home Physicians Registration Committee (HVRC). Furthermore you’ll have to be registered in the BIG-register.

Intra-company transfers

In case of transfers between companies you will have to be in the possession of a guest agreement, employer’s declaration, employment contract of whatsoever which describes the terms and duration of the stay as well as the income.

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