Contract Law and Laws of Obligation


Amsterdam Lawyer Contract Law and Laws of ObligationAmsterdam Lawyer Contract Law and Laws of Obligation

Contracts are stowed away in a drawer and are often only read through thoroughly once there is talk of a conflict. It only becomes evident at that point, whether or not a contract will benefit you. If things go wrong with your contract partner, we will assist you as a Dutch lawyer in solving the conflict, by negotiating and / or discussing the conflict, by mediation, or by starting proceedings with regard to, amongst other things, the following areas:

  • Settlement agreements
  • Purchase / sale agreements
  • Lease agreements [huurovereenkomsten]
  • Acceptance agreements
  • Cooperation agreements

Legal obligations in The Netherlands

We will also assist you with regard to legal obligations in Dutch Law. Most of these obligations result from wrongful actions.

This could, for example, lead to compulsory rectification, a prohibition, or compensation for (bodily) injury [(letsel) schade]. Violation of subjective rights, such as intellectual property rights (copyrights, for example) or the right to a good reputation, are also included under these, as is acting in violation of legal obligations, or negligence resulting in the violation of a legal obligation or of cautiousness.

Finally, there are legal actions that may result in an obligation, such as benevolent intervention in another’s affairs, payment of undue amounts and unjust enrichment.

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