Lawyer contract law Amsterdam


 Lawyer contract law Amsterdam

Our Dutch lawyer contract law Amsterdam is specialized in contract law and law of obligations. Contract law in The Netherlands is extensive and constantly subject to changes in Dutch case law. We give legal advice to individuals, self-employed persons and SMEs in case of problems with your contract partner, and in the assessment or drafting of a contract (agreement) or general conditions.

Of course, our lawyers negotiate on contracts, and we also conduct proceedings (litigation in the Netherlands) on the rights and obligations in a contract, such as termination, dissolution, suspension, whether or not for breach of contract. Get legal advice from an independent contract lawyer before you sign a contract. And should it come to a problem, call in our experienced lawyer for contract law Amsterdam.

Contracts and the Dutch Civil Code

Contracts come in all shapes and sizes: for a definite period of time, for an indefinite period of time or for the duration of a project. A contract can regulate numerous matters, such as renewal, liability, penalties and termination.

Some contracts, such as the rental agreement and the employment contract, are extensively regulated by law.

Other contracts are governed by general contract law and contract law: with regulations that apply to every contract, such as the right to performance, termination or damages.

Dutch law also gives special rules when a contract can be subsequently annulled, for example in the case of

  • duress,
  • error,
  • fraud
  • or abuse of circumstances.

Our lawyer in contract law Amsterdam can give you legal advice or represent your interests in proceedings. We can also assist you in drafting or checking other documents.

Types of agreements

  • settlement agreements
  • employment contract
  • purchase agreements
  • rental agreements
  • construction agreements
  • cooperation agreements
  • general terms and conditions

Obligations under Dutch law

There are also obligations from Dutch law that lead to an enforceable obligation, such as the wrongful act; unlawful or improper conduct. In legal proceedings this can lead to rectification, an injunction, or compensation for (personal) damages. Our lawyer in contract law Amsterdam has the necessary experience in conducting proceedings in this field.

Lawful act

Finally, there are also lawful acts that may result in an obligation, such as trusteeship (if you look after someone else’s business), undue payment (payment without legal grounds) and unjust enrichment, for example if money has been wrongly transferred to a bank account. An obligation (commitment) to repay can arise from these as well.

Problems with contracts

Many problems arise when a contract has not been properly formed and one of the parties wants to get out of it. Also, it is often not clear what exactly the parties meant by their agreement. Finally, there are many disputes about the performance of the contract and what exactly can be claimed, for example interest, penalties and collection costs; questions to which our lawyer in contract law in Amsterdam has the answer.

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WS Advocaten specializes in agreements and contract law. For legal advice, drafting or litigating about contracts, please contact our specialized lawyers in contract law, law of obligations and law of agreements in Amsterdam.




contract lawyer Amsterdam


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