How do I handle inappropriate behaviour at work according to Dutch Employment Law?


How do I handle inappropriate behaviour at work lawyer Amsterdam


How do I handle inappropriate behaviour at work in The Netherlands? Our employment law lawyer in Amsterdam mr. Krystle de Bies gives advice to employers and employees with useful tips in case of transgressive behaviour. Inappropriate behaviour at work is a serious problem that can take different forms, such as bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, aggression or violence. It is important to address these transgressive behaviours and ensure that the work environment is safe and respectful for all employees. Our Amsterdam employment law lawyer outlines some steps you can take to better deal with transgressive behaviour at work.

Recognise transgressive behaviour at work

1. Recognise transgressive behaviour: It is important to be aware of what transgressive behaviour entails and what it may look like. It can range from verbal abuse and harassment to physical violence. By being aware of the different forms of this behaviour, you can recognise and respond to it more quickly.

Document incidents of transgressive behaviour

2. Document incidents: If you encounter transgressive behaviour at work, it is important to document the incidents as soon as possible. Record the date, time, location and a detailed description of what happened. This can come in handy later if you want to make a complaint or need evidence in a Dutch court.

Make offensive behaviour negotiable

3. Talk about it: If you feel comfortable, talk to the person exhibiting the inappropriate behaviour and express your discomfort. Sometimes the person, a colleague, is unaware of the impact of their behaviour and a conversation can help resolve the issue. If you don’t feel safe to talk to the person directly, seek support from a confidant, colleague or manager. You can also engage an employment lawyer at this stage.

Reporting to your employer: manager or HR

4. Report it to your superior or HR at your employer: If the behaviour persists or if you do not feel safe to talk about it with the person in question, report it to your superior or the Human Resources (HR) department. They are responsible for ensuring a safe working environment according to Dutch Law and should take it seriously. Make sure you have all relevant documentation and evidence to hand to support your case.

Employer policies, code of conduct

5. Ask about your employer’s policies: Most employers in The Netherlands have policies and procedures (handbooks, code of conduct) for dealing with transgressive behaviour at work. Make sure you are aware of these policies and follow the appropriate steps to file a complaint. This may include completing a complaint form, participating in an investigation and attending interviews with involved parties.

Legal advice on inappropriate behaviour according to Dutch Law

6. Seek legal advice: If the trangressive behaviour is not being addressed or you are unhappy with the way it is being handled by your employer, consider seeking Dutch legal advice. A lawyer specialising in employment law in Amsterdam can be of great help in understanding your rights and options, and can guide you in taking further steps, such as filing a complaint with an external body, or the court.

It is important that addressing transgressive behaviour at work can sometimes take time and patience. However, it is essential to protect yourself and ensure that you can work in a safe and respectful working environment in The Netherlands.

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