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Our lawyers Administrative Law in Amsterdam can assist you with legal redress to defend you against decisions by government bodies in the Netherlands. If you do not agree with the decision after the objection, an appeal may be filed with the court. Finally, an appeal may be filed with the Administrative Law Division of the Council of State (Raad van State), Central Appeals Tribunal (Centrale Raad van Beroep) or the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (College Beroep Bedrijfsleven). We will assist you, as lawyers specialised in administrative law in Amsterdam, in submitting your opinion and objection, as well as your appeal to decisions by government bodies, such as municipalities and ministries, with regard to:

  • Police clearance certificate / VOG
  • Schiphol Pass [Schipholpas]
  • Administrative coercion
  • Permits
  • Traffic Regulations (Administrative Enforcement)
  • Dutch driver’s license authority [CBR]
  • Alcohol / conduct education order
  • Civil service law

Dutch Administrative Law: Illness or labour disabilities, assistance and unemployment in The Netherlands

We will also assist you, as lawyers specialised in administrative law, when you encounter problems with the payment of benefits for absenteeism due to illness or labour disabilities, assistance and unemployment, such as:

  • Unemployment Insurance Act [WW]
  • Sickness Benefits Act [ZW]
  • Work and Social Assistance Act [WWB]

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