Lawyer – mediator family law and divorce in Amsterdam


Lawyer and mediator family law and divorce in Amsterdam

Lawyer and mediator family law and divorce in Amsterdam
Family law and juvenile law lawyer / attorney in Amsterdam

The lawyer and mediator family law and private law in Amsterdam of our law firm provides legal aid, assistance and legal advice in divorce (as a divorce lawyer) and family law. Our lawyers in Amsterdam are specialized in private law and family law. We provide legal assistance in negotiations and proceedings on issues such as divorce, visitation and division of property. Our lawyers and mediators also provide pro bono assistance in family law cases:

    • Divorce and separation / termination of cohabitation (incl. with international character)
    • Arrangements regarding children (care arrangement) (parenting plan)
    • Child and partner support, Child matters
    • Custody, visitation, residency, maintenance
    • (Annulment of) recognition
    • Special guardianship ex art. 1:212 DCC
    • Judicial establishment of parenthood
    • Name changes
    • Settlement/division of community of property
    • Settlement of prenuptial conditions
    • Financial settlement, cohabitation agreements
    • Private international law, international family matters
    • Mediation

LGBTQIA+ lawyer AmsterdamAttorney Bobbi-Joe du Bois has volunteered for the LGBTQIA+ community for many years and also (selectively) handles Family Law cases such as name changes, child support, parenting planning, etc.

Family law lawyer Amsterdam: specialist in family matters

Our expert lawyers and mediators divorce law in Amsterdam are specialists in family matters. After all, experience has shown that even if you are well represented by a lawyer, a divorce takes a lot out of you: it has major consequences for your finances, living situation and children.

Divorce lawyer in Amsterdam

Our divorce lawyer will take care of the business side of the divorce for you, whether or not as mediator, for the best result, also in case of a registered partnership. We can help you with both a unilateral and a joint divorce petition, if there is a ‘permanent disruption of the marriage’.

Defence in divorce proceedings

Your partner’s legal counsel can file a defense in the divorce proceedings with the court. The court will schedule a hearing (conciliation), after which a decision is rendered. If the parties reach an agreement, your divorce lawyer will write it down in a settlement agreement.

Mediation and divorce

Through mediation, the parties try to find the best solution for each other, without the involvement of a judge. It is an independent process.

Mediation is often faster and cheaper than legal proceedings.

Provisional divorce settlement

The court can make an interim provision for the duration of the divorce proceedings on issues such as:

  • who will stay in the marital home,
  • with whom the children stay,
  • alimony.

Joint divorce: a good alternative

In a joint divorce petition, you seek one lawyer together for the divorce, with the court being asked for a divorce jointly. This avoids a painful and protracted procedure, and is possible if you agree on everything.

Covenant for divorce

The lawyers will then draw up a covenant, which will properly set out all the agreements between the spouses. The covenant can be part of the court ruling (divorce decree).

Family law and juvenile law

In addition, in family and juvenile law we can assist you with problems between cohabitants, married couples, relatives, children and parents, such as:

  • Contact arrangement
  • Alimony
  • Custody
  • Annulment of recognition and denial of paternity
  • Change of name
  • Family division

Contact specialist family law and divorce in Amsterdam

If you are facing any type of family law matter, call us for a consultation with our Amsterdam family law attorney.

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