Dismissal for economic reasons in The Netherlands


Summary dismissal with compound grounds lawyer Dutch employment law AmsterdamWhether you have just been fired or have recently been told that you are in danger of being fired, we as experienced attorneys in Amsterdam can help. Our team of Dutch experts in employment law, are ready to provide international workers with legal advice. Economic circumstances im The Netherlands can be reason to request dismissal for an employee. This is called dismissal for economic reasons. For example:

  • the poor, or worsening, financial situation of the company
  • reduction of work
  • organizational and/or technological changes, such as automation (partial) closure of the company.

Dismissal for economic reasons

Dismissal for economic reasons is a specific type of dismissal in which a company must lay off an employee or employees for economic reasons. Redundancy is a form of dismissal from your job. It happens when employers need to reduce their workforce.

Legal rights when facing redundancy

If you are an expatriate employee who is employed by a company and you are unsure of your rights, or if you are an employer who may have to lay off employees, call one of our Amsterdam dismissal lawyers. 

What are your rights as an expert or employee at a Dutch company in case of business dismissal?

The employer must handle this carefully. Not just anyone can be dismissed. The employer must assess whether there are interchangeable functions in each age category. If so, the one with the shortest employment period should leave first. They must also examine whether the employee can be offered suitable work. Finally, business economic reasons must be properly justified. Because the UWV procedure is cumbersome, many Netherlands-based employers prefer to conclude a termination agree

In danger of being fired?

Being fired is a difficult and stressful situation, especially if you live or work in the Netherlands. We act for employers and employees at all levels, from junior employees to senior executives.

We can advise and negotiate settlement agreements and exit packages, represent individuals and companies during proceedings in court or the UWV.

Settlement agreement review & advice

Specifically, in the event of redundancy, our lawyers can:
– Advise on (the conditions for) dismissal
– Termination of employment by means other than dismissal;
– Severance payments
– Selection criteria.

Talking to a specialised employment law lawyer in Amsterdam could save your job, or ensure that you receive a reasonable severance payment to which you are entitled.

Contact an employment lawyer in Amsterdam about dismissal for economic reasons 

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