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As an employer, you can handle many routine matters without legal representation, but there are instances when consulting an Amsterdam employer attorney makes sense. Sooner or later, most employers are bound to face disputes with their employees. Employment cases are often complex and can take many months or even years to resolve. An employment lawyer in Amsterdam, The Netherlands can help minimize your risk.

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Extensive experience representing employers in The Netherlands

Law firm WS Advocaten Amsterdam, labor and employer attorneys, provide comprehensive services for employers. Our Amsterdam employer attorneys in The Netherlands have extensive experience representing employers from minor human resources issues to complex litigation. We provide the legal services business owners need to operate their businesses on a daily basis and manage risk proactively.

Employer Attorney: Dutch employment and labor law

Dutch employment law is an ever-changing field. Relationships between employers and employees are constantly changing in Dutch law. It is important for employers to have a reliable source of updated information and legal advice in The Netherlands. To maximize protection and avoid litigation, it is essential to work with an experienced Dutch employer attorney in Amsterdam who specializes in labor and employment law.

We have represented clients in all phases of labor relations and employment law. Our attorneys and lawyers have the knowledge, skill, and experience to handle almost any employment matter. We apply results-oriented, cost-benefit strategy designed to achieve the best results possible.

Seasoned litigators

Our approach to employment law is preventative. When an employee lawsuit cannot be avoided, our experienced employer attorneys represent you in court. Our attorneys are seasoned litigators who bring to the equation experience on both sides of a lawsuit, which can often be a distinct advantage for our clients.

We have significant experience representing employers in severance disputes and other contract-related employee lawsuits. The best way to avoid needing legal representation in a lawsuit is however to obtain legal advice on best employment practices before a dispute with an employee develops.

We routinely provide representation to employers in cases involving:

Terminating employees

In many cases, it‘s a good idea to have an Amsterdam employment lawyer look at severance packages, especially for high-level employees, to make sure you don’t violate any employment laws. Terminating employees triggers employee retaliation and a potential legal dispute. We assist employers through the termination process, including the drafting and negotiation of severance agreements.

A Dutch employer attorney can ensure you meet requirements for wages, overtime, among others.

Even for lesser claims, you may still want to consult your employment and labor lawyer. This is especially true if the employee has their own attorney.

Dutch employment lawyer

A Dutch employment lawyer can:

  • Evaluate the strength of your case
  • Advise you whether to negotiate or litigate
  • Keep you advised of any new Dutch rulings or laws that might affect your case

Business owners and other employers appreciate the one-on-one attention they receive from our Amsterdam employer attorneys.

Are you a business owner seeking advice in a Dutch employment and labor matter?

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