I want to resign in The Netherlands, how do I arrange this legally?


I want to resign myself, how do I arrange this legally by a Dutch lawyer in amsterdamI want to resign in The Netherlands, how do I arrange this legally?

Resigning yourself, with entitlement to a Dutch unemployment benefit, sometimes seems the only way out for certain employees. For example, during a burn-out, or after a big argument with your manager or colleague who you would rather not face again. Or you haven’t called in sick but are looking for another job.

Just the thought of leaving your Dutch employer or not running into that colleague again can be quite a relief, triggering a healthy recovery process.

Yet resigning yourself has more snags than you think. If you terminate your employment contract by yourself, you will soon find yourself without work and income. Applying for unemployment benefit from the UWV will also cause problems. Before you know it, if you terminate your employment contract yourself, you will go from bad to worse and your (financial) misery will only increase. And if you resign immediately, without respecting the notice period, you could end up in deep trouble.

Help with resigning yourself with entitlement to unemployment benefit

The lawyers at WS advocaten in Amsterdam specialise in Dutch employment law and can help you terminate your employment contract in a proper manner. In recent years, our lawyers have assisted many expat employees and achieved a neat dismissal settlement. We do this by first listening carefully to you and assessing your legal options. On that basis, we can make a plan for you, for example with a well thought-out letter to the employer. Many employers are more than willing to negotiate a settlement with us. This is often laid down in a settlement agreement (VSO).

Arrange a good severance arrangement by mutual agreement

Don’t forget that a good severance arrangement by mutual agreement is often cheaper for an employer and costs less time and aggravation than a protracted reintegration process or a lengthy improvement plan. Your employer also prefers not to go to court.

The advantage of a severance agreement by mutual agreement is also that you can make all kinds of smart agreements with your employer in a termination agreement, for example about payment for vacation days, the content of a certificate or a period of time off from work.

By separating properly with legal advice from our Amsterdam lawyers, instead of terminating or resigning yourself, you can be better prepared to take the next step in your career, or use time for yourself. A win-win situation, in other words. This way, you can ultimately resign in a professional manner with peace of mind.

Contact a lawyer at Amsterdam employment law about your own contract termination

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